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In the system of sharecropping, who owned the land?
a) homesteaders b) the landowner c) the government d) the worker
What did the landowner give the worker?
a) a barn, mules, tools, and seeds b) a cabin, mules, tools, and a car c) a cabin, mules, tools, and seeds d) a mansion, mules, tools, and seeds
Who took most of the crops in return for the sharecropper's use of the land, cabin, and supplies?
a) the landowner b) the sharecropper c) the government d) the bank
What railroad linked the Atlantic and Pacific coasts?
a) Southern Pacific Railroad b) Missouri Pacific Railroad c) Burlington Northern Railroad d) Transcontinental Railroad
How many companies built the Transcontinental Railroad?
a) 6 b) 3 c) 4 d) 2
Where was Thomas Edison's laboratory?
a) New Hampshire b) New Jersey c) New York d) New Mexico
Which of the following did Thomas Edison NOT invent?
a) Phonograph b) Electric power station c) Electric light bulb d) Automobile
Which of the following was NOT a way that children of immigrants helped their parents?
a) Learning English b) Going back to the country they came from c) Working at full-time jobs d) Helping their parents to use English
Which of the following were difficulties NOT faced by homesteaders on the Great Plains?
a) Hurricanes and cyclones b) Floods and insect attacks c) Bitterly cold winters and severely hot summers d) Droughts and dust storms
From which two immigrant groups did thousands of railroad workers come?
a) Greek and Italian b) British and German c) Polish and Russian d) Chinese and Irish
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