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Settlement houses provided ____ for immigrants.
a) food, health care, and classes b) food, health care, and houses c) health care, homes and jobs d) land, homes, and jobs
Who were the Reformers?
a) Someone who worked hard. b) Someone who liked to complain about things. c) Someone who invented new things. d) Someone who tries to change society.
Many Americans worried that ___ would take their jobs.
a) Indians b) Slaves c) Immigrants d) Children
Many Native Americans believed everyone should share the land, and did not want to live on a
a) boom b) Reconstruction c) reservation d) tenement
The time period when the nation was rebuilding after the Civil War was called
a) boom b) Reconstruction c) reservation d) labor union
Many poor immigrrants had to live in __ in cities.
a) boom b) Reconstruction c) reservations d) tenements
The discovery of gold or silver often gave a town a
a) boom b) tenement c) reservation d) bust
Once all of the gold or silver was gone, the town would have a
a) boom b) tenement c) reservation d) bust
To fight for better working conditions, workers would join a
a) Reconstruction b) Reservation c) labor union d) tenement
What was the system called when a worker farmed land owned by someone else?
a) slavery b) sharecropping c) homesteading d) immigration
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