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The thin top of the geosphere
a) Crust b) Core c) Mantle d) Atmosphere
The part of the earth which is rock
a) Geosphere b) Atmosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Cryosphere
The process of rock under the earth becoming exposed to the top causing it to expand
a) Exfoliation b) Abrasion c) Temperature change d) Plant growth
When water freezing in rocks splitting it open and breaking it down
a) Ice wedging b) Abrasion c) Geotheming d) Geoicing
When stronger acids fall to earth
a) Acid precipitation b) Ice wedging c) Abrasion d) Temperature change
The process of breaking down rock by oxygen combining with other chemicals
a) Oxidation b) Acid precipitation c) Plant growth d) Temperature change
The breaking down of rock through plant growth
a) Plant growth weathering b) Abrasion c) Pressure change d) Temperature change
Breaking down rock from other rocks
a) Abrasion b) Ice wedging c) Pressure change d) Temperature change
The liquid water part of the earth
a) Hydrosphere b) Cryosphere c) Geosphere d) Atmosphere
The part of the earth that is air and gas
a) Atmosphere b) Geosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Cryosphere
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