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Which of the following is NOT a New England colony?
a) Massachusetts b) Rhode Island c) New York d) Connecticutt
Which religious group were also known as the Separatists?
a) Pilgrims b) Quakers c) Baptists d) Catholics
Where did the Pilgrims settle?
a) Jamestown b) Savannah c) Plymouth d) Boston
Why were the Puritans named this?
a) They wanted to purify the Church of England from the bad doctrine. b) They wanted to have purified water in their settlements. c) They had a pure way of thinking about farming. d) They purified their food before eating.
What did the Puritans name their colony?
a) Plymouth b) Massachusetts Bay Colony c) Boston Colony d) Puritan Colony of Separation
Who was the first governor of the Puritans?
a) John Smith b) Miles Standish c) John Winthrop d) Roger Williams
What was odd about the Puritans?
a) They only ate corn. b) They disliked the Pilgrims. c) They believed people should be able to worship as they pleased. d) They acted just like the King of England in restricting worship.
What religion was Obadiah Holmes?
a) Baptist b) Puritan c) Quaker d) Catholic
Which group punished Obadiah Holmes for his preaching?
a) Pilgrims b) Puritans c) English soldiers d) Indians
What other famous person was like Obadiah Holmes, in that he beleived in religious freedom?
a) Miles Standish b) George Washington c) Roger Williams d) Pocahantas
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