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The applications on the computer
a) are software that allows you do only do one thing b) is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks c) are hard to upload d) are preloaded for you when you purchase your computer
The computers Operating System
a) manages the memory of the computer b) manages all the computers hardware and software c) coordinates the memory to the CPU d) makes sure you don't loose your data
The Random Access Memory (RAM) is the computers
a) long-term memory b) short-term memory c) hard drive d) expansion cards
The CPU (central processing unit) is called
a) the computers brain b) the computers skeleton c) the computers nervous system d) the computers main idea
The motherboard is the computers
a) main circuit board that holds the CPU, memory and other ports b) brain c) skeleton d) main idea
Most desktop computers have the following on the computer case,
a) Optical Disc Drive b) Audio In/Out c) USB ports d) all of these items
Personal computers come in two main styles,
a) PC b) Mac c) Tablet d) PC and Mac
All computers have the following in common...
a) Hardware b) Software c) Laptop d) Both hardware and software
Malware is
a) any type of software that will protect your computer from viruses b) software designed to damage your computer c) nothing to worry about d) the end of the world
If you backup your computer you are
a) doing the latest dance b) trying to avoid losing data like files or photos c) turning the computer around d) deleting files
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