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Tough, stringy part of raw fruits, vegetables, and grains that the body cannot digest.
a) fiber b) digestion c) vitamins d) minerals
Substances in food that are important for the body's growth and maintenance.
a) nutrients b) Carbohydrates c) antioxidants d) fiber
Nutrients that are needed to build, repair, and maintain body cells and tissues.
a) water b) minerals c) proteins d) vitamins
The physical need to eat.
a) digestion b) hunger c) appetite d) minerals
Everything a person regularly eats and drinks.
a) digestion b) appetite c) hunger d) diet
Unit of heat; measure of energy available in food.
a) unsaturated fat b) saturated fat c) water d) calorie
Fats found in food from animal sources.
a) saturated fat b) unsaturated fat c) protein d) cholesterol
Chains of building blocks that make up proteins.
a) vitamins b) amino acids c) minerals d) antioxidants
The process of breaking down food into a form that the body can use.
a) ingestion b) metabolism c) digestion d) diet
The starches and sugars that are the body's main source of energy.
a) carbohydrates b) sugar c) calories d) vitamins
Fats found in foods that come from plants.
a) saturated fats b) unsaturated fats c) cholesterol d) water
Compounds that interfere with the damaging effects of other compounds in the body.
a) protein b) minerals c) vitamins d) antioxidants
Makes up part of the body mass and helps to regulate body temperature.
a) water b) cholesteral c) calories d) unsaturated fat
Substances that are found naturally in many foods are necessary in small quantities for good health and normal development and functioning.
a) vitamins b) minerals c) carbohydrates d) amino acids
Elements in our food that are found in the earth that we cannot manufacture and are needed in small amounts.
a) amino acids b) minerals c) vitamins d) antioxidants
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