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The distance east or west of the Prime Meridian?
a) Latitude b) Longitude c) d)
The distance north or south of the Equator?
a) Latitude b) Longitude c) d)
What type of location describes a place compared with other places?
a) Relative Location b) Absolute Location c) d)
What type of location is the precise position on Earth where something is located?
a) Relative Location b) Absolute Location c) d)
Prehistoric refers to a period of time before written records were kept
a) True b) False c) d)
Women were treated as second class citizens and could not make tribal decisions in Indian society. *
a) True b) False c) d)
Carvings on cave and rock walls that tell a story
a) Pictographs b) Jpegs c) Gifs d) Petroglyphs
The study of past people and culture through artifacts?
a) Archaeology b) Histography c) Psychology d) Math
A native american tool that propelled spears farther and faster
a) Sling Shot b) Mase c) Trebuchet d) Atlatl
What protected Native American villages from their enemies?
a) long distance telescopes b) guns c) palisades d) Cannons
What Native American tribe lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, Western North Carolina, North East Georgia, and Tennessee?
a) Cherokee b) Catawba c) Yemassee d) Navajo
21. What were the three most grown crops in SC (Three Sisters)?
a) Corn, beans, Squash b) Beans, rice, wheat c) Squash, honey, oats d) Barley, soy, cotton
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