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Cold-blooded, moist skinned, scale less animals with backbones that live underwater until they develop lungs on land.
a) amphibians b) lizard c) reptiles d) salamanders
Activity of criminals.
a) exhibit b) crime c) reference d) stumped
Display or public showing.
a) reference b) crime c) exhibit d) stumped
Cold-blooded animals with backbones and lungs usually covered with horny plates or scales.
a) amphibian b) lizard c) salamander d) reptile
Animals shaped like lizards but related to frogs and toads with moist, smooth skin that live in water or damp places.
a) salamander b) lizard c) amphibian d) reptile
a) exhibit b) stumped c) crime d) reference
A person, place, or thing.
a) adjective b) verb c) noun d) adverb
A word used to describe a noun.
a) verb b) noun c) adverb d) adjective
An action words.
a) adverb b) noun c) verb d) adjective
A word used to describe a verb.
a) noun b) adverb c) verb d) adjective
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