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Why would an engineer want to re-design their product?
a) So that it can be perfected at a low cost instead of jumping in and spending millions on the first idea b) so that it makes them look more important c) because engineers have fast minds and they like to make more than one thing at a time d) because it never works out the first time
standards that help scientists measure how well something is working.
a) criteria b) technology c) textbooks d) other models
using knowledge from science an math to solve everyday problems is known as what?
a) engineering b) technology c) criteria d) being really smart
A man has a steel rod inserted to replace a shattered bone. Which BEST describes the goal of this technology?
a) to improve a person's health b) to develop steel tools c) to learn how the body works d) to improve how people talk
which is an example of technology
a) a wheel chair b) formulating a new theory c) developing a hypothesis d) sketching a design for a new engine
which statement BEST describes why technology has changed over time?
a) People find better ways to meet their needs as their knowledge grows through communication of previous inventions and trials b) people really enjoy technology c) old technology never meets the needs it was designed for d) people's needs are better met when technology is very complex
what does the root word tech mean?
a) skill b) test c) first d) model
what does the root word proto mean?
a) first b) test c) model d) end
what is the first step in the design process?
a) Identify a problem or a need b) test out your hypothesis c) design a prototype d) communicate with other scientists
What is the purpose of a prototype?
a) to test in a safe environment and to make sure the model will work b) to spend more money c) to make you look really cool and smart d) so you can keep others from stealing your idea
What is the term used to describe inventions used to improve life?
a) Bioengineering b) Biology c) Biologist d) Biotechnology
What term best describes technology used to enhance life?
a) Biotechnology b) Bioengineering c) Biology d) Biological
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