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Where are the smaller planets in our solar system located?
a) closer to the sun b) further away from the sun c) there is no clear order of smaller and larger planets d) all are planets are relatively the same size just made of different things
What type of galaxy is our milky way galaxy?
a) spiral galaxy b) elliptical galaxy c) irregular galaxy d) spider galaxy
what do the gas giants have in common?
a) They are larger and are composed of mostly gas and ice b) are smaller and all have many moons c) they all have rocky centers similar to that of Earth d) They are all too far away and no one really knows what they look like
a spherical body that orbits a central star
a) planet b) comet c) a star nebula d) the galaxy
the distance light travels in one year
a) light year b) really far c) light day d) 1,390,000 km/s
A large celestial body composed of gas that emits light
a) star b) planets c) the mood d) a nebula
Space and all the matter and energy in it
a) Universe b) Solar system c) galaxy d) planets
consists of a star and all the bodies that orbit around it
a) solar system b) galaxy c) universe d) stars
large collection of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity
a) Galaxy b) Solar system c) planet d) star
This is the color of most young stars
a) blue b) red c) yellow d) orange
When a star becomes a giant
a) Fusion of hydrogen ends the core collapses and the outer layer swells b) Fusion begins causing the star to grow red and hot c) The star runs out of hydrogen and throws off the outer shell to space d) Gravity stops working allowing particles to escape making it appear larger
Why will the color of our sun turn red when it becomes a giant?
a) The color of our sun will never change b) The color changes as temp changes. Our sun will become cooler c) The sun will get so hot and turn red d) It only appears to bed due to its size and the light particles traveling less distance
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