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A trace or imprint of a living thing that is preserved by geological process.
a) Fossil b) Fossil record c) Fossil imprint d) Extinct species
When humans breed specific characteristics out of animals.
a) Artificial selection b) Natural selection c) Mutation d) Evolution
A change in genetic material
a) Mutation b) Artificial selection c) Natural selection d) Evolution
The slow change of a population over time
a) Evolution b) Stimulus c) Natural selection d) Artificial selection
DNA stands for
a) deoxyribonucleic acid b) deternanimal acid c) denociaic acid d) doublenucleic acid
maintaining a constant stable environment
a) homeostasis b) stimulus c) cells d) sexual reproduction
Causes a change in an organism
a) stimulus b) cellular reactions c) homeostasis d) response
binary fission is an example of
a) asexual reproduction b) sexual reproduction c) gasses combining together d) chemical liquids interacting
These organisms break down dead organisms to get energy
a) decomposers b) producers c) consumers d) carnivores
What happens to DNA during sexual reproduction
a) Part of each parent's DNA is passed to its offspring b) the dominant parent cells pass their DNA to the offspring c) All of the DNA is copied and results in a Super celled DNA for their offspring d) DNA always stays with the parent cell and is NOT copied
When a unicellular organism grows large enough it
a) splits into two cells through asexual reproduction b) stops growing and dies, thus becomes nonliving c) uses sexual reproduction to produce offspring d) begins shrinking
What is NOT a characteristic of a living thing?
a) have eyes b) gets rid of waste c) obtains energy d) grows
Organism that has only one cell
a) unicellular organism b) multicellular organism c) algea d) sunflower
Membrane covered structure and smallest unit of life
a) cell b) stimulus c) proton d) atom
All the fossils that have been discovered Mike up the
a) Fossil record b) Fossil imprints c) Fossil dates d) Extinct community
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