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How many elements of art are there?
a) 7 b) 10 c) 3 d) 100
Which element of art means the lightness or darkness of a color?
a) line b) shape c) value d) texture
Which element of art means the way something feels?
a) form b) space c) shape d) texture
Which element of art means it looks 3-D?
a) shape b) form c) color d) texture
Which element of art can be straight or wavy?
a) line b) form c) value d) texture
Which element of art consists of primary and secondary parts?
a) shape b) color c) line d) form
Which element of art means the area in and around the subject?
a) value b) shape c) line d) space
Which element of art includes circles and squares?
a) color b) value c) shape d) texture
What is an element of art?
a) Those things that all art have in common. b) The materials used to create the art. c) The imagination of the artist. d) The theme of the art project.
Does every work of art include all the elements?
a) I don't know b) Yes c) Maybe d) No
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