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view through microscope
a) Micrograph b) Diffusion c) Cell Wall d)
Mini-organs in the cell, differentiated structure
a) Cell theory b) Cell Wall c) Organelle d)
where the cellular DNA is contained
a) Nucleus b) Cytoplasm c) Hypertonic d)
Protects and maintains plant cell shape and structure
a) Passive Transport b) Cell Wall c) Cell Theory d)
Nucleus of this type of cell has a membrane around it
a) Eukaryotic Cell b) Phospholipid Bilayer c) Prokaryotice Cell d)
Describes the sandwich of molecules thatmake up the cell membrane
a) Prokaryotic Cell b) Hypertonic c) Phospholipid Bilayer d)
movement from more to less
a) Nucleus b) Diffusion c) Hypertonic d)
Higher concentration of solute
a) Nucleus b) Diffusion c) Hypertonic d)
Transport where no energy is used up
a) Passive Transport b) Hypertonic c) Prokaryotic Cell d)
describes a type of cell that lacks memraned organelles
a) Eukaryotic Cell b) Diffusion c) Prokaryotic Cell d)
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