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Go ahead and ____________________ at me! But if you start smoking now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life!
a) scoff b) maim c) meander d) acquiesce
I thought it was very ______________________________of the winning fighter to praise his opponent for fighting such a tough boxing match.
a) malignant b) diffident c) magnanimous d) garrulous
The _______________________________of cigar and cigarette smoke made everyone's eyes burn and ended up making a lot of people leave the room.
a) malignant b) diffusion c) abstinence d) murkiness
His enemy had _____________________________plans to harm him and destroy his career.
a) diffident b) malignant c) garrulous d) analogous
Everyone begged him to come to the film, but he didn't really want to see it. Finally he _______________________and went along.
a) meandered b) assimilated c) acquiesced d) scoffed
I can't say that I have any truly bad students. But I definitely have some students that are too ______________________when I ask them to be quiet.
a) distraught b) morbid c) garrulous d) didactic
Horror films have become predictable and bland, thanks to the ____________________obsession of some directors with zombies and possession stories.
a) mandatory b) diffident c) meticulous d) morbid
If you are afraid to tell the class what you think, you might be just a bit too______________________________.
a) mandatory b) diffident c) munificent d) ambulatory
Although they are not the leading stars in most films, many character actors enjoy widespread__________________________.
a) disdain b) acclaim c) morbidity d) abstinence
The cure for greed is to be ________________________in sharing with others.
a) garrulous b) diffident c) munificent d) `delirious
Trying to end an argument with an insult is___________________to trying to put out a fire with gasoline. (HINT: It means similar)
a) magnanimous b) ambulatory c) analogous d) mandatory
The best animated films are produced with ___________________________attention to details.
a) diffident b) meticulous c) morbid d) mandatory
If you're brave enough to drink that __________________________water, go ahead. I'll go without, thank you.
a) diffident b) morbid c) munificent d) murky
After laying_______________________for several months, the bear woke up from his hibernation.
a) analogous b) dormant c) didactic d) acclaim
His _______________________was so extreme that he not only carried a comb in his pocket, but also a mirror!
a) abstinence b) diffusion c) meticulous d) narcissism
The best way to ___________________________headache pain is to turn the volume down and take some Tylenol.
a) scoff b) disdain c) alleviate d) maim
This is a word that tells you to take it apart. Strip it down. You've got to __________________________it.
a) scoff b) assimilate c) diatribe d) dismantle
He didn't mean to _____________________his dog, but after the gun went off, they had to amputate its left rear leg.
a) assimilate b) meander c) diatribe d) maim
There is no need to ______________________over who had the correct answer first.
a) disdain b) squabble c) maim d) meander
He couldn't believe how __________________________she became just because of a small stain on her sweater.
a) distraught b) murky c) diffident d) garrulous
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