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Solids have:
a) a definite shape and a definite volume. b) no definite shape and a definite volume c) no definite shape OR volume. d) moving.
Which is NOT a state of matter:
a) solid b) melting c) gas d) liquid
Volume is:
a) the amount of mass an object has. b) the amount of space and object takes up. c) how heavy an object is. d) the color of the object.
Define matter:
a) Anything that has color. b) Anything that has weight and size. c) Anything that has mass and volume. d) Anything that has a shape.
Where should you point a test tube?
a) At your face b) At your partner c) Away from people d) Towards the teacher
If you know an objects mass and volume you can find its
a) color b) length c) density d) shape
Which of the following is not a physical property of matter:
a) Mass b) Density c) Volume d) Flammability
Define: Independent Variable
a) The things that stay the same. b) The variable that the scientist changes c) An investigation where you use your senses d) Something that has mass and volume.
Liquids have:
a) a definite shape and a definite volume b) no definite volume or shape c) a definite volume but no definite shape d) weight
What should you wear in the lab:
a) sandals b) loose clothes c) goggles d) long jewlery
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