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area with at least one feature that is different from other areas
a) region b) population c) urban d) harbor
number of people living there
a) transportation b) rural c) population d) agriculture
a) urban b) rural c) suburbs d) suburban
protected place with deep water that allows ships to come close to shore
a) agriculture b) region c) transportation d) harbor
movement of people and goods
a) transportation b) rural c) region d) agriculture
smaller city or town built near a large city
a) urban b) rural c) suburban d) suburb
region made up of all the suburbs around a large city
a) rural b) suburb c) suburban d) urban
c ountry side, away from cities
a) rural b) suburb c) suburban d) urban
raising of farm animals and growing of crops for sale
a) harbor b) agriculture c) region d) transportation
Drew's best friend
a) Mommy b) mom c) mama d) mmoomm
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