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Who was William Shakespeare?
a) A violin player b) an actor c) a goof-ball d) The most famous play writer of all time who wrote 38 plays.
What is the meaning of Allegory?
a) A story b) A story in which political, religious or historical ideas are symbolized by people, things, and events in the story. c) a book d) a boy
Define Quatrain
a) A four-line stanza b) Stanza c) Four-line story d) You
a) A poem b) A song of 14 lines c) Bob the builder d) A poem of 14 lines, usually written in iambic pentameter with a specific rhyme scheme. Sonnets discuss love and serious topic
In Medias Res
a) In the middle of Batmans epic adventure with superman b) Captain Hook's fight with Peter Pan c) In the middle of things d) Joe's hot head
Are you an Oxymoron?
a) Two contradictory words placed next to each other to create an effect b) A hot headed warrior c) A raging lion d) Tanner
Don't Hyperbole me
a) Extreme hairstyles b) Parker's emotions c) An extreme exaggeration d) Luke Bryan's voice
Are you living in an allusion
a) A fast reference by the author to a person or event in mythology, religion, or history outside the novel, play or poem. b) Joe's vision for America c) Randy Travis and his songs d) 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN'
Stop using the irony to unwrinkle my shirt
a) different meanings b) words used in such a way that the intended meaning of the words is different from the actual meaning of the words c) My attitude d) my haitstyle
Why do I always have to use an apostrophe
a) Addressing, or talking to, and object or a person who is not present b) talking to a ghost c) talking to the wall d) talking to yourself in the mirror
Your imagery is gorgeous
a) a picture b) a picture frame c) JB d) An author's use of vivid and descriptive language. Imagery involves all the senses - sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell
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