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I'm getting (to, too, two) much sleep right now.
a) to b) too c) two d)
I watch (alot, allot, a lot) of TV.
a) alot b) allot c) a lot d)
It's been (quiet, quite) around here tonight.
a) quiet b) quite c) d)
(I'am, I'm) afraid of running over toads with the lawn mower.
a) I'am b) I'm c) d)
Here is the violin and here is (it's, its) case.
a) it's b) its c) d)
Have you seen (Jason's, Jasons', Jasons) hat?
a) Jason's b) Jasons' c) Jasons d)
He came this morning, but he had (did, done) his work already.
a) did b) done c) d)
She (don't, doesn't) always listen to me.
a) don't b) doesn't c) d)
The coach (insist, insists) that I do ten burpees.
a) insist b) insists c) d)
Each of the birds (take, takes) its turn in the nest.
a) take b) takes c) d)
It had (began, begun) to snow by 4:00 p.m.
a) began b) begun c) d)
The committee (is, are) meeting in the big rowboat.
a) is b) are c) d)
Actually, Jason doesn't have any (hats, hat's, hats').
a) hats b) hat's c) hats' d)
(Their, They're, There) is not much that we can do about the problem until the rain stops.
a) Their b) They're c) There d)
She is taller (then, than) she was last year, but she still considers herself a shrimp.
a) then b) than c) d)
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