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The examination of something in detail to draw a conclusion from it.
a) hollow b) beakers c) analysis d) lecture
Flat-bottomed glass containers used in laboratories.
a) beakers b) analysis c) microscope d) precise
Having an empty space inside.
a) relentless b) hollow c) lectire d) microscope
Who or what you are or something is.
a) precise b) hollow c) relentless d) identity
An educational speech on a particular topic.
a) lecture b) speech c) identity d) precise
A device that uses a lens to produce a greatly magnified image of an object.
a) identity b) beakers c) microscope d) relentless
Very exact and accurate.
a) precise b) relentless c) lecture d) identity
Never slacking, but continuing always at the same level. To never give up.
a) lecture b) identity c) relentless d) analysis
Comparing two unlike things using like or as.
a) metaphor b) personification c) simile d) idiom
Comparing two unlike things not using like or as.
a) metaphor b) hyperbole c) simile d) onomatopoeia
Giving non-human object human qualities.
a) simile b) onomatopoeia c) alliteration d) personification
An extreme exaggeration.
a) onomatopoeia b) hyperbole c) alliteration d) simile
The first letter sound repeats throughout the sentence.
a) alliteration b) onomatopoeia c) hyperbole d) metaphor
Sound words.
a) alliteration b) onomatopoeia c) hyperbole d) personification
A word or phrase that is not to be taken literally,
a) persononification b) metaphor c) simile d) idiom
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