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Reforms (Reformas/ cambios)
a) Making Art Molds b) Changes c) Trash d) Science Projects
Muckrakers (periodista)
a) Garbage Men b) Sewer Cleaners c) Journalists d) History Teachers
Upton Sinclair (carne)
a) High Class Billionaire b) Invented Electricity c) Wrote Cat in the Hat d) Meat Muckraker
Unsanitary Food (Comida Higiénica)
a) Not Clean b) Janitor Duties c) Advanced Medicine d) Seating Arrangement
Food and Drug Administration (Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos)
a) Environmental Regulation b) Food and Drug Labels c) Presidential Libraries d) Parks and Recreation
W.E.B. DuBois
a) Wrote Fashion Articles b) NAACP and Education c) Created the Hamburger d) Killed Hitler
Booker T. Washington (habilidades vocacionales)
a) Won American Idol b) Made a School in Houston c) Conquered Mexico d) Vocational Skills
NAACP/ National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Asociación Nacional para el Avance de la Gente de Color)
a) Women's Rights Organization b) Rights for Social Workers c) Rights for Colored People d) Wrote the Constitution
Derechos Civiles
a) Civil Litigation b) Store Receipts c) Rights of Citizens d) Loud Music
Minority (Minoría)
a) Bigger Number or Part b) A Good Movie c) Critical Analysis d) Smaller Number or Part
Assimilate (Asimilar)
a) To Make the Same b) Distance c) To Divide d) Running Anthem
Direct Democracy (Democracia Directa)
a) Citizen Involvement b) Rule by a King c) Electing Representatives d) Rule by Jennifer Lopez
Referendum, Recall, Initiative (Referéndum, Retirar, Iniciativa)
a) Voter Suppression b) Citizen Involvement c) Voter Apathy d) Special Interests
Suffrage (Sufragio/ votación)
a) Corporate Environment b) Suffering c) Voting d) Spelling
Ratified (Ratificado/ aprobado)
a) Infested by Rats b) Approved c) Rejected d) Considered
Sherman Anti-Trust Act (Ley de Defensa de la Competencia)
a) Anti-monopoly b) Pro-monopoly c) Winning Monopoly Board Game d) Not Trusting Monopolies
Interstate Commerce Act (Acto de Comercia Interestatal)
a) Regulate Language b) Regulate Skirt Length c) Regulate Fruit d) Regulate Railroad
Criticized (Criticado)
a) Praised b) Analyized c) Questioned d) Faults
Excerpt (Extractos/ párafos pequeños)
a) Novels b) Poems c) Small Passages d) Exemptions
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