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I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so I had a ___________ reason for being late.
a) transform b) visual c) legitimate d) scope
I want to ___________ myself in school by getting all A's instead of D's like last year.
a) justify b) transform c) surveillance d) inevitable
It is a ____________ to cheat on a test.
a) surveillance b) scope c) visual d) violation
Our school has __________ in the hallways to keep us safe.
a) visual b) surveillance c) legitimate d) authorize
It was ________________ that I would get grounded for sneaking out of my house.
a) inevitable b) anonymous c) authorize d) violation
I never learned her name, so she was ________________ to me.
a) justify b) violation c) anonymous d) transform
The library has a diverse __________ of books.
a) scope b) justify c) inevitable d) surveillance
I tried to __________ to Mr. Ashcraft why I did not follow the expectations in Miss Tucker's class.
a) transform b) justify c) visual d) legitimate
When I read an exciting book, I have a _________ image in my head of what is happening.
a) justify b) surveillance c) violation d) visual
I can't go on the field trip if my parent doesn't __________ me to go.
a) transform b) justify c) authorize d) legitimate
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