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What is the sequence of events in a literary work?
a) Plot b) Theme c) Setting d) Resolution
What is the part of a story or play that explains the background or makes conflict clear?
a) Exposition b) Setting c) Resolution d) Conflict
What are the problem(s) or complication(s) in a story?
a) Theme b) Irony c) Conflict d) Setting
What is the tying up of loose ends and the end of a story?
a) Exposition b) Plot c) Characterization d) Resolution
What is the way an author reveals his characters? (Can be done directly or indirectly)
a) Conflict b) Resolution c) Characterization d) Irony
What is an often universal truth (message) about humanity (life) found in literature?
a) Theme b) Irony c) Setting d) Plot
What is the time and place of a literary work?
a) Irony b) Resolution c) Setting d) Theme
What is the high point in a story--the moment with the most action or intensity?
a) Falling Action b) Exposition c) Resolution d) Climax
Berlin, 1925, Tuesday morning--what element of the story could these be?
a) Plot b) Conflict c) Setting d) Characterization
Harry was a skinny, small boy for his age, with black hair and glasses...What element of a story is this?
a) Theme b) Characterization c) Setting d) Plot
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