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In what state is the Mojave Desert mostly located?
a) Utah b) Alabamba c) Africa d) California
In what state is Pearl Harbor located?
a) California b) Hawaii c) North Carolina d) Utah
In what state is the Salton Sea located?
a) Utah b) Alabama c) California d) Arizona
In what state is Kitty Hawk located?
a) Sourth Carolina b) South California c) North Carolina d) Pennsylvania
In what state is the Great Salt Lake located?
a) Arizona b) Alabama c) Utah d) Idaho
In what state is Pittsburgh located?
a) Pennsylvania b) Gettysburg c) Utah d) Alabama
In what state is Montgomery located?
a) Pennsylvania b) California c) Georgia d) Alabama
In what state is the Grand Canyon located?
a) Utah b) Las Vegas c) Arizona d) New Mexico
This place covers areas in 4 states and normal summer temperatures can be 120 degrees.
a) Grand Canyon b) Mojave Desert c) Pearl Harbor d) Salton Sea
This is a place that was one of the world's largest steel manufacturing centers.
a) Gettysburg b) Montgomery c) Pittsburgh d) Pearl Harbor
This is where a famous Civil War battle was fought. It was the turning point in the war.
a) Pittsburgh b) Kitty Hawk c) Pearl Harbor d) Gettysburg
In what state is Gettysburg located?
a) North Carolina b) Georgia c) Texas d) Pennsylvania
This is a huge gorge that is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide.
a) Salton Sea b) Mojave Desert c) Great Salt Lake d) Grand Canyon
This is where the Japanese attacked the US Naval base in 1941.
a) Kitty Hawk b) Gettysburg c) Pearl Harbor d) Montgomery
This is where Martin Luther King, Jr. led a protest against the bus system.
a) Pittsburgh b) Gettysburg c) Kitty Hawk d) Montgomery
This is where the Wright Brothers flew their first plane.
a) Grand Canyon b) Pearl Harbor c) Kitty Hawk d) Pittsburgh
This is a saltwater lake that was formed by the Colorado River flooding over.
a) Salton Sea b) Great Salt Lake c) Lake Ontario d) Great Salty Sea
This was a route from Texas to Kansas used by cowboys to herd cattle to railroad cars.
a) Pearl Harbor Trail b) Chisholm Trail c) Appalachian Trail d) Gettysburg
This is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere.
a) Grand Canyon b) Salton Sea c) Great Salt Lake d) Mojave Dessert
The Chisholm Trail runs through which states?
a) Arizona to Texas b) Texas to Kansas c) North Carolina to Pennsylvania d) Texas to California
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