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This suffix means 'full of'. Ex: great-, funni-
a) -est b) -ful c) -ous d) -ology
This suffix is used as an adjective ending. Ex: fam-, danger-
a) -est b) -ous c) -ice d) -ful
This suffix means 'full of' and is a superlative adjective ending.
a) -ology b) -ice c) -est d) -ous
This suffix means a state or quality and is a common suffix for nouns. Ex: just-, pract-
a) -ology b) -ful c) -est d) -ice
This suffix means study of. Ex: Bio-, geo-
a) -ology b) -ful c) -ous d) -est
What is the correct superlative ending for the word happy.
a) happiest b) happyest c) happest d) happyiest
What is the correct what to add the suffix -ous to nerve?
a) nerverous b) c) nerveous d) nervous
What is the correct division of syllables for -ology?
a) o log y b) ol o gy c) olog y d)
What is the correct spelling to end the suffix -ful fo fancy?
a) fanciful b) fancyful c) fancful d)
Where is a suffix located in the position of a word?
a) End of the word b) beginning of the word c) middle of the word d)
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