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very difficult
a) hidden b) tiny c) tough d) suspicious
a big group of people who are together in one place
a) canine b) master c) herd d) crowd
to teach how to do something
a) track b) train c) tough d) task
you can count on it to do a good job
a) dependable b) aid c) skill d) crowd
causing a feeling that something is wrong or illegal
a) rubble b) dependable c) tough d) suspicious
an order to do or stop doing something
a) lead b) sniff c) command d) tune out
very small
a) tough b) tiny c) command d) sniff
to stop something from happening
a) prevent b) scent c) task d) aid
the ability to make a good decision about what to do
a) prevent b) tune out c) fragment d) judgement
types of dogs
a) herd b) breeds c) task d) track
a part or piece of something
a) rubble b) judgement c) fragment d) tough
to need someone or something for help
a) Rely on b) prevent c) lead d) breeds
something that really makes you want to have it or do it
a) tiny b) reward c) Rely on d) tempting
broken pieces of stone, concrete, etc., from a building that falls
a) fragment b) tiny c) rubble d) crowd
to look for and find people who are missing
a) task b) track c) train d) lead
a person who works for another person or company
a) employee b) master c) aid d) deaf
a) tune out b) reward c) tempting d) lead
to smell by putting your nose close to what you are smelling
a) master b) sniff c) skill d) scent
a group of animals that are together
a) scent b) train c) herd d) crowd
smell, odor
a) skill b) deaf c) sniff d) scent
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