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to move or do something very quickly
a) fidget b) snatch c) rush d) contest
to quickly take something
a) spare b) snatch c) stare d) rush
to look at something for a SHORT time
a) peek b) stare c) whisper d) mumble
something nice said about someone or something
a) compliment b) mumble c) whisper d) snatch
extremely bad
a) awful b) enough c) a pile d) spare
to speak very quietly
a) genius b) nod c) mumble d) whisper
to look at something for a LONG time
a) narrow b) genius c) stare d) fidget
to scare
a) fidget b) frighten c) bloom d) shiver
a group of things put one on top of another
a) bury b) forward c) spare d) a pile
to say something quietly and not clearly
a) mumble b) nod c) whisper d) frighten
very quickly and you don't expect it
a) shiver b) was gone c) suddenly d) awful
to shake because you are cold or scared
a) whisper b) shiver c) bury d) mumble
a) certain b) stare c) shiver d) whisper
to move your head up and down to say yes
a) rush b) snatch c) stare d) nod
a) amusing b) rush c) mad d) bloom
in direction to the front
a) backward b) forward c) rush d) nod
to choose one thing and not the other
a) swallow b) mumble c) instead of d) bloom
something extra that is used only when is needed
a) peek b) instead of c) amusing d) spare
to move parts of your body because you are nervous, bored, etc.
a) stare b) nod c) fidget d) frighten
used to say that someone should or should not have or get something
a) peek b) deserve c) shiver d) narrow
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