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The brightest object in the sky.
a) Moon b) Sun c) Light d) Cloud
The biggest planet in the solar system.
a) Mercury b) Uranus c) Saturn d) Jupiter
The coldest planet in the solar system
a) Neptune b) Pluto c) Mars d) Earth
The planet with the most life forms.
a) Jupiter b) Mars c) Earth d) Moon
The planet nearest the sun.
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Mars d) Earth
Hottest planet in the solar system.
a) Saturn b) Mercury c) Venus d) Uranus
The planet with the nickname “The Red Planet.”
a) Jupiter b) Earth c) Mars d) Mercury
Planet farthest from the sun.
a) Uranus b) Neptune c) Pluto d) Mercury
This planet is so light, it could float in water
a) Jupiter b) Saturn c) Earth d) Mars
What force drag us to the center of the earth?
a) Magnetism b) Pull c) Push d) Gravety
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