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Organisms that consume producers for food (animals)
a) Consumer b) Autotroph c) Producer d) Heterotroph
Organisms that first capture energy and that make their own food (plants)
a) Producer b) Consumer c) Autotroph d) Habitat
Organisms that consume producers for food, consumers
a) Heterotroph b) Autotroph c) Consumer d) Producer
Organisms that make their own food, producers
a) Autotroph b) Producer c) Consumer d) Heterotroph
The living organisms of a habitat
a) Biotic b) Abiotic c) Consumer d) Population
The physical aspects of a habitat
a) Abiotic b) Biotic c) Population d) Community
A community and all of the physical aspects of its habitat
a) Ecosystem b) Population c) Community d) Environment
The many different species that live together in a habitat
a) Community b) Species c) Environment d) Habitat
The place where a particular population of a species lives
a) Habitat b) Population c) Environment d) Community
Study of interactions of living organisms with one another and with their physical environment
a) Ecology b) Biology c) Community d) Chemistry
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