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What does a monarch butterfly hatch into?
a) a Monarch larva b) a Monarch pupa c) a Monarch butterfly d) a Monarch caterpillar
What emerges from the chrysalis?
a) a butterfly b) a moth c) a spider d) a bee
The life cycle of a butterfly can also be called____________.
a) A metamorphisis b) A changing life cycle c) a long process d) none of the answers
Why do monarch butterflies only eat milkweed plants?
a) To protect themselves b) They taste good c) That is the only plant available d) They do not eat milkweed plants
What does the monarch butterfly eat?
a) milkweed b) bugs c) grass d) fruit
What does the larva make in order to change into a butterfly?
a) chrysalis b) caccoon c) bed d) nest
What is another name for a caterpillar?
a) larva b) worm c) pupa d) butterfly
What does a butterfly begin it's life as?
a) egg b) worm c) butterfly d) larva
How many stages are there in the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly ?
a) 4 b) 6 c) 2 d) 3
Why is the Monarch butterfly orange and black?
a) To warn predators to stay away. b) They are pretty. c) So we can see them fly around in the sky. d) So they can fly faster.
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