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Operant Conditioning ( Behavorism)
a) Skinner b) Montessori c) Dewey d) Gardner
Learning through exploring natural environment
a) Montessori b) Vygotzsky c) Manslow d) Vygotsky
Cognitive Theory
a) Piaget b) Skinner c) Bruner d) Bandura
Multiple Intelligences
a) Gardner b) Kohlberg c) Piaget d) Maslow
Classical conditioning
a) Pavlov b) Maslow c) Dewey d) Skinner
Moral Development
a) Kohlberg b) Montessori c) Pavlov d) Piaget
Hierarchy of Needs
a) Maslow b) Skinner c) Montessori d) Piaget
Constructivists Theory
a) Bruner b) Dewey c) Brofenbrenner d) Bandura
Theory of experience and learning
a) Dewey b) Gardner c) Bandura d) Montesorri
Ecological System Theory
a) Bronfenbrenner b) Bruner c) Bandura d) Dewey
Social Cognitive Theory
a) Bandura b) Brofenbrenner c) Vygotsky d) Skinner
Zone of Proximal Development
a) Vygotzsky b) Bandura c) Pavlov d) Piaget
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