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Gold Fever is when people leave what to mine for gold
a) jobs b) homes c) families d) schools
These people boarded ships for California when they heard about the gold
a) Chinese and asians b) Amerindians c) misionaries d) pilgrams
Immigration Act of 1965
a) Established immigration quotas by eastern and western hemispheres. b) Allowed native americans to buy and sell property c) Restricted asian americans from entering the US for 6 months d) Placed strict tariffs on the land to restrict the squatters from owning territory
The Central Pacific Railroad was renamed what?
a) Southern Pacific Company b) Pony Express c) Union Pacific Railroad d) United Pacific of California
What year did the Gold Rush end
a) 1855 b) 1850 c) 1849 d) 1846
The economic law of supply and demand says
a) When supply is low demand is high b) When demand is low supply is high c) If you have the supply the demand will not matter d) What law of supply and demand
The gentlemans agreement allowed who to come to the U.s
a) wives to join husbands b) children to join parents c) brothers to join sisters d) grandparents to join grandchildren.
At the end of 1849 how many miners were in central SIerra Nevada Foothlls.
a) 40,000 b) 100.000 c) 25.000 d) 45,000
In 1853, this process was discovered to help wash away soil and uncover gold
a) hydralic mining b) coal mining c) pipe driling d) Gold panning
What method was used to find gold?
a) panning b) digging c) washing d) all of the above
The first miners were
a) Amerindians b) missionaries c) forty niners d) chinese immigrants
The first person to find gold was?
a) James Marshall b) John Sutter c) The 49ers d) Californios
When gold was discovered, this man became the richest by buying all he equipment
a) Brannon b) Sutter c) Lincoln d) Polk
The president at the time of the Gold Rush was?
a) Polk b) Lincoln c) Wilson d) Jackson
The Gold Rush began in what year?
a) 1848 b) 1849 c) 1846 d) 1844
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