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What is a pattern of sounds that includes tehe repetition of consonant sounds?
a) figuative language b) alliteration c) metaphor d) denouement
What is the enemy or the opposite of the protagonist in the story called?
a) antogonist b) character c) motivation d) narrative
What is it called when a writer writes the story of his or her own life?
a) dialogue b) narrative c) character d) autobiography
What is the person or animal in a story such as a drama or novel called?
a) imagery b) narrative c) character d) autobiography
What is the turning point in a plot or dramatic action?
a) climax b) denouement c) foreshadowing d) antagonist
What is the final resolution of a narrative plot called?
a) dialogue b) flashback c) denouement d) foreshadowing
The conversation between characters in a drama or narrative is called
a) flashback b) imagery c) motivation d) dialogue
What is the type of language that varies from literal language is called
a) dialogue b) figurative language c) alliteration d) narrative
A literary device that allows the author to present events that happened before the time of the current events in the story
a) flashback b) foreshadowing c) imagery d) narrative
The organization and presentation of events in a story in such a way that the reader is given clues about what will happen later in the work
a) flashback b) climax c) denouement d) foreshadowing
The use of language to create vivid sensory impressions in the imagination
a) imagery b) metaphor c) figurative language d) alliteration
A type of figurative language which compares two things by saying one is another
a) imagery b) figurative language c) metaphor d) alliteration
A reason to act, in a story the thing that drives the character's action
a) motivation b) antagonist c) climax d) foreshadowing
A collection of events that tell a story, which may or may not be true, placed in a particular order and recounted through either telling or writing
a) motivation b) flashback c) narrative d) dialogue
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