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What lines the forest floor?
a) dirt b) grass c) water d) leaves
What kind of ladder did Jack and Annie climb?
a) a wooden ladder b) a ladder of tree branches c) a rope ladder d) a vine ladder
Where did Peanut go?
a) Into the tree house b) into the tree tops c) in a cave d) in the river
What was the streak of light?
a) the vampire bat b) the tree house c) a jaguar running d) a shooting star
Who found the tree house?
a) Jack b) Annie c) The Monkey d) Peanut
What do vampire bats eat?
a) fruit b) flies c) blood d) leaves
What did Jack and Annie decide to do about their mission?
a) Come back later b) Get it done c) Have Peanut do it d) Not do it ever
Which layer of the rain forest was the tree house in?
a) the forest floor b) the understory c) The canopy d) the middle
When do vampire bats feed?
a) in the morning b) at lunch c) during the day d) at night
What was the scary creature Jack saw in the book?
a) A jaguar b) a vampire bat c) a pirahna d) a monkey
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