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He didn't go to prison because there was no _____ that could state he had commited the crime.
a) proof b) evidence c) clue d) court
He ________ to kill me. I was terrified.
a) insulted b) threatened c) blamed d) bothered
I've recently taken _____ fishing. It's my new hobby.
a) out b) up c) on d) away
He keeps dropping things. He's ___________.
a) vulnerable b) self-centered c) wise d) clumsy
I cannot eat spicy things. I've got a mouth _____.
a) ulcer b) cancer c) tumour d) pulse
I'm in a bad mood today. I'm ______.
a) over the sweater b) under the weather c) raining cats and dogs d) snowed under
If somebody ______ you, it hurts.
a) pinches b) collapses c) leans d) tilts
He never wants to give his daughter money, he's ____-fisted.
a) close b) strong c) tight d) money
He's nice to you when you talk to him, but when he talks with somebody else he insults you, he's _____.
a) laidback b) narrow-minded c) good-tempered d) two-faced
a) flap b) bizarre c) crush d) fluster
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