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The Who Am I poem defines a habit as a machine with the intelligence of a human. What does this mean?
a) Habits are done automatically without thinking b) Habits are done randomly depending on the situation c) Habits are done automatically with conscious choice d) Habits are done when influenced by others
What behavior does a teen exhibit when he practices the defective behavior of wear yourself out?
a) Watches TV all day long instead of doing necessary tasks b) Never reads books or tries to improve himself c) Never worries about the consequences of his actions d) Avoids working with others; prefers to go solo
What does a teen who exhibits the defective habit of Reacting do?
a) Knocks people off on the way to the top b) Won't let anyone voice an opinion c) Attributes his problems to the actions of others d) Never takes time to enjoy the pleasurable things in life
What does a teen who exhibits the defective habit of Win-Lose do?
a) Doesn't think about tomorrow b) Tries to win at all costs c) Doesn't work well with others d) Doesn't take responsibility for behavior
What does a teen who exhibits the defective habit of putting first things last do?
a) Fails to have a plan for the future b) Does not play well or get along with others c) Puts off studying for tests d) Blames all of his problems on his parents
Behaviors which benefit you and others
a) Think Win-win b) Seek first to understand, then to be understood c) Paradigm shift d) Public victory
Habits that involve improving one's personal behaviors are called
a) Put first things first b) Think Win-win c) Public victory d) Private victory
Repeated, automatic behavior
a) Paradigm b) Habit c) Principle d) Synergize
Taking time for yourself to rejuvenate your life is known as
a) Private victory b) Think Win-win c) Sharpen the saw d) Habit
Working cooperatively with others is known as
a) Public victory b) Seek first to undertand, then be understood c) Begin with the end in mind d) Synergize
What is your perception/belief about life called?
a) Principle b) Habit c) Paradigm d) Private Victory
Which habit deals with accepting responsibility for your own choices/actions?
a) Be Proactive b) Think Win-win c) Sharpen the saw d) Private victory
Gaining a new perspective about something or looking at something in a new way is called
a) Private victory b) Paradigm shift c) Habit d) Be proactive
Prioritize and do the most important things instead of procrastinating is called
a) Principle b) Paradigm c) Sharpen the Saw d) Put first things first
Listening carefully to others is part of which habit?
a) Be proactive b) Public victory c) Seek first to understand, then to be understood d) Think Win-win
Habits relating to teamwork and strengthening relationships are called
a) Public victory b) Private victory c) Paradigm shift d) Synergize
Rule or values we live by are called
a) paradigms b) principles c) habits d) perceptions
Plan ahead/set future goals is which habit?
a) Be proactive b) Think Win-win c) Sharpen the saw d) Begin with the end in mind
Which of the following is true about habits, according to the poem Who Am I?
a) Habits are developed through your repeated good and bad choices b) Habits are developed by listening to your parents c) Habits are only the behaviors that help you d) Habits are only the behaviors that hurt you
A teen who values the principle of hard work would
a) Not give up after suffering adversity but instead dedicate himself even more b) Not complete a task because he is too tired c) Quit playing a sport because he sits on the bench d) Blame a coach because he had a bad game
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