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What was the name of the capital city of Ghana where the great marketplace was?
a) Kumbi b) Mali c) Egypt d)
What do you call a layer or mass of material found in rock or in the ground?
a) Headdress b) Deposit c) Porter d)
How did Ghana leaders make all of their money through trade?
a) Stealing the goods and gold b) Taxing the traders c) All of the above d)
Arab scholars called Ghana the Land of _______
a) Gold b) Traders c) Salt d)
What characteristics made camels well suited for desert travel?
a) They can drink up to 25 gallons of water at a time b) Double rows of eyelashes and hairy ear openings c) All of the above d)
True or False: One advantage of silent bartering was that people who spoke different languages could still trade.
a) True b) False c) d)
In which West African land would you find salt deposits?
a) Wangara b) Taghaza c) Rainforests d)
What do you call the decorative covering worn on the heads of soldiers to show rank?
a) Porters b) Crowns c) Headdresses d)
What was one of the reasons that led to the decline of Ghana?
a) Too many resources were growing b) They were being attacked by Muslim warriors c) They were moving away because of the harsh environment d)
Which geographical region is just south of the semi-desert?
a) Desert b) Rainforest c) Savannah d)
Who can be part of an extended family?
a) Aunts and uncles b) Friends c) Neighbors d)
What do you call a payment made by one ruler or country to another for protection or as a sign of submission?
a) Tribute b) Taxes c) Excavating d)
Who is the leader of the family based communities?
a) Youngest man b) Eldest man c) Eldest woman d)
What was a disadvantage of becoming part of a kingdom or an empire?
a) People were obligated to pay tribute b) Men had to serve in the king's army c) All of the above d)
What does it mean to dig up an ancient site?
a) Tribute b) Excavating c) Extended family d)
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