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What are the two waste products of fermentation?
a) Alcohol, ADD b) Alcohol, Lactic acid c) Lactic acid, ADD d) Carbon dioxide, ADD
As an athlete's muscles are forced to work in the absence of enough oxygen, the muscle cells begin to produce _______.
a) lactic acid b) even larger amounts of ATP c) carbon dioxide d) ethyl alcohol
Where does fermentation occur?
a) Cell membrane b) Mitochondria c) cytoplasm d) chloroplasts
Fermentation occurs when there is a lack of __________.
a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen c) Amino acids d) Hydrogen
Which gas is let off by alcohol fermentation?
a) Oxygen b) water vapor c) Hydrogen d) Carbon Dioxide
What is the name of the sugar that is formed during photosynthesis?
a) fructose b) lactose c) glucose d) sucrose
Lactic acid is formed when muscles
a) do not receive enough oxygen b) receive too much oxygen c) both a and b d) neither a or b
An example of a heterotroph is _______.
a) grass b) a bunny c) a flower d) a bush
Photosynthesis takes what 3 things to create energy?
a) carbon dioxide, cytoplasm, and energy b) carbon monoxide, water, and energy c) carbon monoxide, cytoplasm, and energy d) carbon dioxide, water, and energy
Which organelle reflects green light and absorbs the other colors of light to provide energy for photosynthesis?
a) cholorophyll b) chloroplasts c) carotenoids d) thylakoids
Where are the pigments located in the chloroplast?
a) in the thylakoids b) in the cartenoids c) in the mitochondria d) in the chlorophyll
Carbon Dioxide enters the plant through ________.
a) cell wall b) stomata c) vacuole d) cell membrane
An example of an autotroph is _______.
a) a dog b) a cat c) a tree d) a human
Where does cellular respiration occur?
a) in mitochondria b) in chloroplasts c) in the Golgi appartatus d) nucleus
Plants produce what two products in photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide and oxygen b) oxygen and glucose c) glucose and carbon dioxide d) nitrogen and glucose
Which of the following do not carry out photosynthesis?
a) plants b) certain prokaryotes c) algae d) animals
Light energy is converted to chemical energy through the process of
a) cellular respiration b) fermentation c) photosynthesis d) glycolysis
Cellular respiration occurs in
a) animals only b) plants only c) animals and plants d) bacteria only
Most of the energy used by the life on Earth comes from the _______.
a) rotation of the Earth b) sun c) moon d) weather
Where do the plants get the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis?
a) the air b) water c) the sun d) glucose
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