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A version of a product or device that is as close to the finished product as possible is called:
a) a design b) a model c) a prototype d) an illustration
One example of a feedback monitor in an automobile is the:
a) tires b) speedometer c) brakes d) carburetor
Which resources would be used to manufacture wooden toy cars?
a) solder, rivets, and spot welder b) saws, drills, and sanders c) spot welder, heat gun, and epoxy d) pliers, nuts, and screws
A method of manufacturing where several different products can be produced using the same equipment and workers is known as:
a) flexible b) JIT c) CIM d) Stagnant
The fastest MAGLEV trains travel at speeds near:
a) 100 mph b) 300 mph c) 500 mph d) 700 mph
Which tool would be the best to use for thinning a board 2 inches thick down to 1 1/2 inch thick?
a) scroll saw b) back saw c) table saw d) thickness planer
The chemical reaction of curing in concrete is called:
a) forming b) hydration c) distillation d) plasticity
Simple parts such as gears, levers, pulleys, and linkages are used in what type of transmission system?
a) electrical b) pneumatic c) mechanical d) magnetic
A means of achieving a desired result is called:
a) a system b) output c) input d) a subsystem
The action part of a technological system or how the system will achieve the desired result is the:
a) system b) output c) input d) process
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