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The heating of a metal bolt to make it stronger is an example of what manufacturing?
a) forming b) combining c) conditioning d) separating
Technology is an example of an accelerated growth rate referred to as:
a) exponential b) linear c) mathematical d) quick
The highest percentage of shop injuries are to what part of the body?
a) feet b) stomach c) face d) arms and hands
Another name for ergonomics is:
a) pollution b) human factors engineering c) voice recognition d) speech synthesis
Which of the following inventions was developed before the others?
a) copper axes b) plow c) chipped rock spearhead d) light bulb
What type of engine is most commonly found in a car?
a) external combustion b) internal combustion c) reaction d) nuclear reactor
Tools were made of a mixture of copper and tin during the___________________.
a) Industrial Revolution b) Stone Age c) Bronze Age d) Great Depression
This person is known as the Father of mass production.
a) Albert Einstein b) George Washington c) Henry Ford d) Ernest Hemingway
Which of the following is considered to be an unlimited energy source?
a) nuclear b) natural gas c) oil d) solar
The factory system was developed during the
a) Industrial Age b) Bronze Age c) Stone Age d) Iron Age
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