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Which of the following was NOT used to pay for the war?
a) ration books b) income tax c) liberty bonds d)
Which items were rationed during the war?
a) Bread, milk, rubber b) Fruit, vegetables, eggs c) Meat, sugar, gasoline d)
Which was NOT a result of the draft during the war?
a) Blacks gained better jobs. b) Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps. c) Women took over jobs previously done by men. d)
Which items were NOT available during the war?
a) Cars and tires b) Aluminum and glass c) Radios and magazines d)
What was the purpose of the Fair Employment Practices Commission?
a) To help Americans find jobs during the Great Depression b) To help blacks get jobs during the war. c) To help returning soldiers find jobs. d)
a) c b) c) d)
a) x b) c) d)
a) x b) c) d)
a) x b) c) d)
a) x b) c) d)
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