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Which of the following can create a sudden change in climate?
a) Burning fossil fuels b) Deforestation c) Tectonic plate movement d) Volcanic eruption
Where is a hurricane most likely to form?
a) Iowa b) Florida c) Nevada d) Oregon
Which forecasting data could best help decide if its going to rain?
a) Air temperature b) Radar c) Satellite d) Weather Aircraft
What is created from lightening causing large increase in temperature?
a) Hail b) Rain c) Thunder d) Tornado
Which can cause climate change?
a) Burning fossil fuels b) Planting Trees c) Removing greenhouse gases d) Using alternative energy sources
Which of the following would most likely cause the most damage?
a) Hail b) Lightening c) Rain d) Thunder
What information does a radar provide?
a) Humidity and Temperature b) Images of clouds c) Wind direction and speed d) Locations and intensity of precipitation
Which type of hazardous weather forecast is the most serious?
a) Advisory b) Lookout c) Warning d) Watch
What are the two main factors that determine climate?
a) precipitation and humidity b) termperature and air pressure c) wind and humidity d) temperature and precipitation
What is the climate zone of most of the United States?
a) Temperate b) Polar c) Tropical d) Sub-tropical
How does the sun's energy most directly influence precipitation in an area?
a) It controls the amount of condensation and therefore precipitation b) It creates surface currents in oceans that bring precipitation to different areas c) It drives the water cycle, which determines precipitation d) It powers the water cycle by causing runoff, which leads to precipitation
Which of the following is the best for collecting weather data at the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere?
a) Balloon b) Radar c) Sonar d) Weather Map
What are cooler, dark areas that appear on the Sun's surface called?
a) Coronas b) Prominences c) Solar Flares d) Sunspots
What element is the most abundant in the sun?
a) Carbon b) Helium c) Hydrogen d) Oxygen
What part of the sun does fusion take place?
a) Chromosphere b) Core c) Photosphere d) Radiation Zone
What is solar fusion?
a) Breakdown of Uranium atoms b) Bending of light into its electron spectrum c) Combining of 2 Hydrogen atoms to form Helium d) Movement of warmer less dense air upwards
What is the dust cloud formed by a dying star called?
a) Blackhole b) Fusion c) Nebula d) Supernova
What type of weather occurs when warm air in a thunderstorm rises into high-altitude, horizontal winds?
a) Hurricane b) Lightening c) Storm surge d) Tornado
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