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Ferrous metals are those that contain
a) aluminum b) copper c) iron d) zinc
Which of the following is not a useful modeling technique for the problem solving process?
a) computer simulation b) brainstorming c) prototyping d) computer-aided design
Which of the following is classified as a softwood tree?
a) maple b) beech c) cherry d) spruce
Stocks, bonds, land, and money are examples of the resource called:
a) information b) materials c) capital d) people
To make more effective use of time, it must be:
a) sped up b) managed c) slowed down d) warped
Following a step-by-step procedure to construct a device is an example of using which of the following resources?
a) time b) materials c) capital d) information
When choosing a material whose supply is limited, we must consider its:
a) weight b) availability c) appropriateness d) disposability
Improvements on the basic light bulb are an example of a(n)
a) system b) innovation c) process d) prototype
When a material is chosen because of its properties or characteristics, this is a consideration of the materials':
a) cost b) availability c) appropriateness d) renewability
The system used to make sure that products meet the standards set by the company, the industry, or the government is
a) continuous production b) flexible manufacturing c) quality control d) custom production
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