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This culture's religion focused on blood sacrifices from their kings
a) Aztecs b) Maya c) Inca d) MLK Acorn Hunters
Which of these describes the Aztec religion?
a) It often involved human sacrifice to the sun god b) Its beliefs were recorded in ancient trees c) It divided the universe into good and evil d) It was an example of monotheism
Which culture adapted to life in the Andes mountains?
a) The Maya b) The Aztecs c) The Inca d) The Cherokee
How were both the Incas and Aztecs conquered by the Spanish?
a) Both refused to fight the Spanish in the Summer b) The Aztecs were conquered while the Incas were not c) The Spanish used a combination of alliances, weapons, and diseases d) The Spanish were able to convince both to give up
Which culture built huge causeways into their island city of Tenochtitlan?
a) Aztecs b) Maya c) Inca d) MLK Acorn collectors
Which culture developed an intricate calendar system of 365 days using their own numbers?
a) Aztecs b) Maya c) Inca d) MLK Acorn lovers
Which culture was located more in the middle of Mexico, where modern day Mexico City is?
a) Aztecs b) Maya c) Inca d) Olmec
Which culture was located on the Yucatan penninsula in Mexico?
a) Aztecs b) Maya c) Inca d) Madera Acorn chasers
Which culture created the city of Machu Pichu?
a) Aztecs b) Maya c) Inca d) Cherokee
Which culture was conquered by Hernan Cortes?
a) Aztecs b) Inca c) Cherokee d) Madera Acorn Fanatics
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