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during _____ tides the sun and moon align relative to the Earth
a) neap b) spring c) d)
during _____ tides the sun and moon are at right angles relative to the Earth
a) neap b) spring c) d)
_________ is the highest point above the average water level
a) wavelength b) crest c) period d) frequency
_____ is the vertical distance from the trough to the crest
a) height b) orbit c) frequency d) period
________ is the horizontal distance between identical points on two waves
a) wavelength b) period c) crest d) trough
________ is the time it takes for the same spot on two waves to pass a single point
a) period b) crest c) orbit d) frequency
_________ is the number of waves that pass a fixed point in one second
a) period b) orbit c) trough d) frequency
_________ is the lowest point below the average water level
a) frequency b) trough c) crest d) period
how do you spell Mrs. Sebastian's last name
a) Sebastian b) Sabastian c) Sebashian d) Sabashian
What do you do when you find a Blue Whale stranded on a beach
a) Try and cheer him up! b) c) d)
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