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My brother _______ the rubbish bin yesterday.
a) emptied b) didn't empty c) don't emptied d) didn't emptied
_________ a pizza for dinner last night?
a) do you had b) you had c) did you have d) you have
Last Tuesday he_____ homework and went to the park.
a) do b) did c) didn't did d) wrote
Yesterday Bruno _______ early and had breakfast with me.
a) get up b) get dressed c) go home d) got up
Yesterday at 9 a.m I __________ lessons. It was Sunday.
a) didn't have b) didn't had c) has d) had
What time __________________ breakfast?
a) do you had b) you have c) did you have d) you had
Last week my sister______ her bedroom
a) looked after b) emptied c) made d) tidied
Last Saturday John ____ some orange juice
a) have b) didn't had c) didn't have d) ate
I____________ some sweets yesterday afternoon.
a) give Sara b) gave Sara c) Sara gave d) Sara give
Yesterday I______ to my sister's house
a) went b) go c) didn't went d) arrive
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