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Long cold winters, mild summers and acidic, nutrient poor soil in North America, Asia and northern Europe describes which biome?
a) taiga b) tundra c) temperate deciduous forest d) tropical rain forest
This biome is used for agriculture and is known for warm hot summers, cold winters and moderate precipitation. Found in central Asia, North America, Australia, central Europe and plateaus of South America.
a) temperate grassland b) tundra c) tropical rain forests d) deserts
The biome we live in where leaves change colors. Warm summers, cold to moderate winters and year round precipitation.
a) temperate deciduous forests b) tropical rain forests c) taiga d) savanna
This biome can undergo extreme temperature changes during the day between hot and cold and organisms must be able to tolerate extreme conditions. There is low precipitation.
a) deserts b) tropical rain forests c) taiga d) temperate grasslands
This has low biodiversity. Strong winds, low precipitation, low temperature and a carbon sink because plants cannot decompose. Locates in northern North America, Asia and Europe.
a) tundra b) taiga c) temperate grasslands d) deserts
This biome is home to more species than all other biomes combined. There is a dense covering canopy. It is hot and wet year round. found in parts of South and Central America, Asia, Africa, south India.
a) tropical rain forests b) temperate deciduous forests c) tundra d) temperate grasslands
In this biome frequent fires are set by lighting, warm temperatures and seasonal rainfall occurs known for tall, perennial grasses. Large parts of eastern Africa, southern Brazil and Northern Australia have this biome.
a) savanna b) tropical rain forests c) taiga d) deserts
Where are polar bears most likely to be found?
a) tundra b) taiga c) temperate grassland d) temperate deciduous forests
Where are the birds of paradise found?
a) tropical rain forests b) desert c) savanna d) taiga
What type of biome is found in Richmond, VA?
a) temperate deciduous forests b) temperate grasslands c) taiga d) desert
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