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The union of gametes (sperm and egg) is called ______.
a) fertilization b) endocrination c) gametophication d) somatization
Which of the following has the correct gonads matched?
a) male - testes; female - ovaries b) male - ovaries; female - testes c) male - sperm; female - egg d) male - oviducts; female - epididymis
Which of the following is not an example of a male secondary sex characteristic?
a) production of sperm b) growth of hair on body c) growth of hair on face d) deepening of voice
What is the primary male hormone produced in the testes?
a) testosterone b) estrogen c) epinephrine d) melatonin
What is attached to the testes and stores sperm?
a) epididymis b) bulbourethral glands c) prostate d) seminal vesicles
Which of the following does not release sections that helps sperm to survive until fertilization?
a) urethra b) seminal vesicles c) prostate d) bulbourethral glands
This is the fluid made up of sperm and secretions from glands.
a) semen b) prostate c) epididymis d) testosterone
This is the tube through which semen leaves the body.
a) urethra b) prostate c) epididymis d) scrotum
These are the female gonads that contain thousands of follicles to develop eggs.
a) ovaries b) urethra c) oviduct d) uterus
This is the primary female reproductive hormone produced by the ovaries.
a) estrogen b) testosterone c) melatonin d) epinephrine
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