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Notes that are played without any separation by articulation
a) Slur b) Staccato c) Forte d) Style
Repeat the measure(s)
a) Repeat Sign b) D.C. al Coda c) D.S. al Fine d) Pulse
The structure of a piece of music
a) Tempo b) Form c) Dynamics d) Articulation
Silence in music
a) Beats b) Ledger Lines c) Rest d) Ensemble
Medium loud
a) Mezzo forte b) Mezzo piano c) Forte d) Piano
A performance of two musicians
a) Duet b) Trio c) Quartet d) Solo
A unit of time in music that is determined by time signature.
a) Bar line b) Melody c) Marcato d) Measure
Each note heavily accented
a) Legato b) Tenuto c) Largo d) Marcato
Hold the note until the conductor cuts the ensemble off
a) Fine b) Flat c) Form d) Fermata
When every instrument group is playing at the correct level of sound to create one full, beautiful ensemble sound
a) Arrangement b) Balance c) Beats d) Andante
The pattern of pulse in music
a) Dynamics b) Rhythm c) Metronome d) Rest
A piece of music that has been adapted (changed) for different instruments, ensemble types, voice types, etc.
a) Arrangement b) Articulation c) Beats d) Accent
A piece of music where one voice repeats the part of another voice throughout the whole piece
a) Harmony b) Unison c) Chorale d) Cannon
Signals the end of a section of music
a) Double End b) Double Bar c) Ensemble d) Repeat Sign
Receives one beat of rest
a) Half Rest b) Quarter Rest c) Sixteenth Rest d) Eight Rest
The interval between one note and the note of that same name
a) Octave b) Interval c) Moderato d) Rhythm
Any instrument that is hit or stricken to produce a sound
a) Viola b) Percussion c) Brass d) Flute
A musical sentence.
a) Phrase b) Sharp c) Legato d) Rhythm
A series of notes that ascend and descend according to a specific pattern
a) Staccato b) Style c) Scale d) Staff
To gradually slow down
a) Ritardando b) Crescendo c) Decrescendo d) Tenuto
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