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The transfer of Energy in the form of rays or waves is known as____________.
a) Radicalization b) Conduction c) Convection d) Radiation
____________are lines connecting points of equal temperature on a weather map.
a) Contours b) Isotherms c) Indexes d) Biotherms
The alignment of iron minerals in rock reflects the fact that Earth’s ____________ has reversed itself several times in the past.
a) Magnetic Field b) Baseball Field c) Convergent Field d) Convection Field
Plates slide past one another at ___________ boundaries.
a) Mid- Atlantic Ridge b) Divergent c) Convergent d) Transform
When the buildup of stress in Earth’s crust is so great that rocks reach their_____________ and earthquake occurs.
a) Epicenter b) Shadow Zone c) Elastic Limit d) Convergent
To locate an earthquake’s ______________, scientist use information from three seismograph stations.
a) Epicenter b) P-wave c) S-wave d) Surface waves
The opening at the top of a volcano's vent is called a __________.
a) Creator b) Crater c) Sill d) Magma Chamber
Windless zone at Earth’s equator is called the ____________.
a) Jet Stream b) Polar Easterlies c) Doltuba d) Doldrums
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation and ____________ are the four main parts of the water cycle.
a) Groundwater b) Deposition c) Run-Off d) Oceans
The crystals that form in slowly cooling magma are generally __________.
a) Small b) Large c) Bright d) Colorful
Broad, flat valley floors carved by wandering streams are called_______.
a) Flood Plains b) Aquafer c) Valley d) Rill
__________occur when bedrock is gouged deeply by rock fragments being dragged by a glacier.
a) Dents b) Grooves c) Sill d) Till
Small pieces of rock such as sand, silt, and clay are called____________.
a) Deflation b) Rocks c) Deposition d) Sediments
The three horizons make up the soil.___________
a) Cast b) Profile c) Landscape d) Till
Relatively flat, raised areas of land are called__________
a) Plateaus b) Mountains c) Plains d) Islands
Destroying and cutting down trees.
a) Convection b) Conduction c) Habitat d) Deforestation
Present state of the atmosphere.
a) Hydrosphere b) Isotherms c) Weather d) Fronts
Most common gas in air.
a) Oxygen b) Neon c) Nitrogen d) Sulfer
Transfer of energy through contact.
a) Conduction b) Convection c) Ratioation d) Heat
Magma hardened in a horizontal crack.
a) Nike b) Till c) Dike d) Sill
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