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This is an example of NOT being respectful in the hallway.
a) Picking up garbage that you dropped b) Walking to class c) Running through the hallways d) Waving hi to your friend
This is an example of being safe in the hallway.
a) Playing tag b) Jumping on a friend from behind c) Staying to the right side of the hallway d) Tripping someone
You see your friend in the hallway. To say hi, you should.....
a) Say hi in a appropriate voice level or wave b) Jump on his back c) Kick him d) Mess up his hair
You see classmates arguing in the hallway. You should.....
a) Join in. b) Tell an adult or try to tell them to stop. c) Tell others to join in. d) Pick somebody's side
What kind of voice level should you have in the hallway during passing time?
a) Volume 0 b) Volume 1 (or quieter) c) Volume 2 (or quieter) d) Volume 3 (or quieter)
What is the expected voice level while classes are in session?
a) Volume 0 b) Volume 1 (or quieter) c) Volume 2 (or quieter) d) Volume 3 (or quieter)
If an adult tells you to do something in the hallway, you should....
a) listen the first time b) don't pay attention c) roll eyes/make faces d) keep doing what I was....
You should always have a pass in the hallway while classes are in session.
a) True b) False c) d)
You drop your empty chip bag on the floor. You should.....
a) pick it up. b) leave it and walk past it. c) kick it around. d)
It's okay to just play around in the hall with friends.
a) True b) False c) d)
It is okay to jump up and try to touch the ceiling while in the hallway.
a) True b) False c) d)
What side should you walk on in the hallway?
a) Right b) Left c) d)
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